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Pool Repair Woodland Hills, CA

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Sabbatella Pool and Spa is here to help you with all of your pool repair Woodland Hills CA. Just like anything else, wear and tear will affect your pool. Even if you take immaculate care of your pool it will eventually need some basic repairs and in rare instances, major ones.

Repairs aren’t just confined to the inside of the pool, however. Pool repairs can encompass the area around the pool as well. Tiles and other problems in the concrete can become bigger issues as the pool ages.

Even still there can be other issues surrounding the plumbing in the ground or even your filtration system. Problems can come from any number of sources. Some of them may include pumps wearing out, or filtration material needed to be changed, to any number of other related aspects. All of this falls under the scope of pool repair, a service that Sabbatella Pool and Spa can provide.

Any problem that you have with your pool, whether we installed it or not, we’re happy to diagnose and solve for you. Prices range depending on the nature of the problem, and the work required to implement the required solution. If you ever need any kind of pool repair you should look no further than Sabbatella Pool and Spa. Let our team of experts help you today!

Image of a family in the swimming pool , Sabbatella pool and spa , Pool Repair Woodland Hills CA.

Phyllis B.

Woodland Hills, CA


I lost my job and had to let them go but they always did a great job of taking care of my pool. The filter stopped working, had my mom's pool man coming over to see what was wrong. Told me I needed a new filter $1,100 just for the filter on amazon. I had Sabbatella come out fixed it for $45.00. Not only is that really cheap for a house call but they are really honest.


Maria C

Woodland Hills, CA

2 weeks ago

Immediate Response, Great Service. They fixed our swimming pool which had been leaking lately. It’s been 4 months after the service and it’s still had no issues so far. Will definitely contact Sabbatella Pool and Spa for the maintenance of the Pool and services in future. Definitely, one of the best Pool Contractors in Woodland Hills CA.


Sarah Williams

Woodland Hills, CA CA

6 days ago

ISabbatella Pool and Spa is the best Pool company they are the most qualified Pool Contractors in Woodland Hills CA. Our swimming pool needed a good service by acid cleaning and replacing the tiles which were broken last week. We called Sabbatella Pool and Spa company after enquiring my friend who recently did service to their pool with Sabbatella Pool and Spa company. They are very professional and great in service in fixing the tiles and they cleaned it very well it looks all new now. Thank you! Sabbatella Pool and Spa for the amazing Service. Will definitely recommend Sabbatella Pool and Spa to my family and Friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no way to give a generalized answer to this question. There are a lot of factors that go into the repair of a pool and the type of repair that might be needed. In a sense, it’s similar to a car in that there is never just a “car repair.” Specific things on it might have to be fixed and they aren’t equal.

The team here at Sabbatella Pool and Spa work tirelessly to bring you the solutions to your various pool repair problems. An expert from our team can give you an estimate after assessing the damage and the repair needed. For example, damage to the lining or concrete around your pool will invariably cost more than replacing a pump.

After that, we obtain the necessary permits and start to prepare the land. This is likely going to be the most stressful time for you. It involves excavators and other heavy equipment that may be disruptive to you or your family.

When something breaks on your pool or something involved with it need a repair it’s important that you not put it off. We can help you and make the process as easy as possible by providing you the best customer service available. When we’re done it’s like it never happened.

It depends on the nature of the damage or the wear and tear that lead to needing pool repair in Woodland Hills CA. For the most part, though the repair process will remain the same and it’s fairly straight forward.

To start an expert from our team will assess the damage or items that need to be repaired so that they can build an estimate and create a plan for repair. Then our team will talk it over with you so that you fully understand what it is that we’re doing and make sure that you understand where your dollars are going. We want the best for you and will make sure that you get the best value on offer.

Then after the repairs are approved we will begin the process of repair. This is when the process shifts based on the nature of the repair. Different repairs will be longer, some will be shorter but you can rest easy knowing that our team will be doing everything they can to make sure that the repair is accomplished in a timely fashion.


We provide you with the best customer service and quality you can find when remodeling your pool. Our team wants nothing more than to give you the best experience and make your space feel brand new.

Who We Are

We are a full service pool maintenance company devoted to low prices, priceless quality, and unsurpassed customer service.

We do all maintenance, repairs, and replacements that your pool requires. We pride ourselves on quality and service you can depend on.

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